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Our Office Staff

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Clinical Team

Our team of Registered Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants work closely with our providers to ensure that our patients receive the best experience. They are proud to be here to support you along the journey of raising your family and believe that no worry, nor question is too small!  

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Shannon Smith, RN

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Courtney McGinnis, RN

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Karen Sheddan, RN
Clinical Supervisor

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Rebekah Reid, RN, IBCLC
Clinical Lead

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Sarah Turner, RN
Referral Coordinator

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Kaley Heinrich, CMA

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Loren Knox, RN

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McKenzie Beeler, RN

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Jemima Van Hoff, RN

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Kayla Dorris, RN

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Katie Stubblefield, RN

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Reception Team

Our reception team work closely together to ensure your family receives the most efficient care possible. They believe that your experience transfers outside of our clinic space and work diligently to ensure that all your needs are met at appropriate intervals. 

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Ege Sarisaltik
Billing and Coding Specialist

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Felisha Rhodes
Front Office Supervisor

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Julia Moncrief

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Courtney Gann
Practice Coordinator

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Ciaria Gould
Clinical Assistant

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Mary Thompson
Practice Administrator

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Mary has been on staff at Shults Pediatrics since 2005. She started her career working at the reception desk. She furthered her knowledge with clinical skill sets and started working on the clinic side as a medical assistant. She graduated from Maryville College in 2013 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management with a double minor in Economics and Writing Communications. She accepted her management position shortly after. Mary recently graduated from the University of Tennessee Haslam Business School with her Executive Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare Leadership.

Mary has grown up in the clinic and is passionate about pediatrics. She has a strong focus to support the medical home initiatives by maintaining an environment where staff, patients and families are greeted with courtesy, respect, and the highest level of care. She makes it a priority to network and stay in tune with industry trends to remain current on best practice. Mary is a member of Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Tennessee TMGMA, Pediatric Management Institute and Rotary International where she enjoys networking and supporting local community outreach programs.

Mary is married with two small children and fur babies. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading, and finding local gems with good food and live music.

Along with her mother, Dr. Stephanie Shults, Mary continues to invest in our East Tennessee community so all children can have healthy and happy lives.