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Let’s talk about Constipation

What is Constipation?  Constipation is difficulty passing stools, hard-large-caliber stools, or having less frequent bowel movements. It is a common problem in children of all ages and is usually unrelated to an underlying medical condition. Normal versus abnormal bowel movements vary from child to child and by age and what they eat. For example, a […]

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Antibiotic Shortage: Why is this happening, and what does it mean for children?

Terms such as “tridemic” have been making the rounds in news reports and social media. This isreferring to surges of influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and COVID-19 infections. This term mayseem somewhat dramatic, but it does highlight the high number of respiratory illnesses circulating inour communities. Other viruses such rhinovirus and parainfluenza (associated with common […]

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Make Meal Time Fun

Research shows us over and over the benefits of family mealtime throughout childhood. We can attribute the undistracted conversation around the table to increased social adjustment, and growth development. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a traditional season of gratitude. Take your gratitude checks a step further and make them a piece of fall Decor. Buy a Canvas […]

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